Mais la palme revient à un ensemble instrumental rendant magnifiquement justice à une palette de timbres étonnante.” - SOPHIE ROUGHOL


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Retourtje Wenen!

11 & 16 februari 2023 20:00

Vanaf wanneer gingen mensen voor het plezier reizen? Precies ja, in Mozarts tijd!



The Collective

The Collective

Developing Classical Repertoire

History is on the move

Curious about a bigger picture in musical history? Our inquisitive nature brings you fresh views on famous masterpieces, as well as truly interesting discoveries of historically related music.

Once in a while a disc lands on my desk with music by a composer I had never heard of. Johan Adam - or Joannes Adamus Josephus - Faber has no entry in New Grove and very little about him is known” - Johan van Veen



David Vergauwen

The research and dramaturgy of David Vergauwen form an integral part of Terra Nova Collective’s profile.

Ons advies: vergeet al die bassetten en andere hoorns, en geniet vooral van het levendige, kleurrijke en ontspannen samenspel van het uitgebreide Terra Nova Collective o.l.v. Vlad Weverbergh” - BART TIJSKENS


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