De Croes: Divertimenti

The music in this recording was composed by Henri Joseph De Croes. It was discovered only a few years ago in the Thurn and Taxis Court Library at Regensburg and has never been recorded before. The Divertimenti and Douze Morceaux were originally intended to amuse, that is to say they were used as background music at entertainments, parties and banquets.

This was perfectly normal in the 18th century. Nor is it anything unusual in our own day and age. Never before have we listened so much to music and very often this music serves as a background whether we are in the car, at home or in public.

What makes De Croes’s music so special is its remarkable quality and virtuosity. De Croes was the Kapellmeister of the court orchestra of Regensburg, one of the three leading orchestras of eighteenth century Europe. De Croes combines the airily playful and convoluted court music with the rational forms of classicism and sensibility of the early romantic period.

— From liner notes by Vlad Weverbergh

‘All chauvinism aside – Vlad Weverbergh is truly an amazing clarinetist. He and his team are excellent advocates for this music.’


‘ Somehow De Croes has disappeared in between Mozart and Beethoven. Let’s reinstate him. It pays off!’

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