About us:

Terra Nova Collective

Serious about research, passionate about music

Since 2012, Terra Nova Collective brings together the artistic and creative vision of Vlad Weverbergh, and the musicological backbone of David Vergauwen. Ideas, research and development of new ways of programming are done in close collaboration.

Through the quality and energy of the musicians playing on period instruments, new insights come to life with concerts and lecture recitals. The immense investment involved in the research process pays lasting dividends in the availability of scores, online videos and high quality recordings.

A telling example is the revival of symphonies by Pieter Van Maldere, whose music was admired and performed by Joseph Haydn at Esterházy.

The value of these revived works become clear when presented in context with more familiar works of the western classical repertoire. With a fresh approach, Terra Nova Collective loves to shed its light on Mozart and Beethoven alike.

The Collective

Terra Nova Collective is based in Antwerp, Belgium – a city brimming with history. Its musicians are also connected to world-renowned ensembles such as Anima Eterna, Les Muffatti, B’Rock Orchestra, Les Agrémens, Freiburger Barockorchester, Concerto Köln, Le Concert d’Astrée and others.

Terra Nova Collective is proud to have Vleeshuis Museum Antwerp and the Study Centre for Flemish Music as their research partners. It frequently invites eminent researchers to projects, such as Piet Stryckers (researcher and lecturer Royal Conservatoire Antwerp), Godelieve Spiessens (musicologist) and Albert R. Rice (musicologist, clarinettist).

In 2016, Terra Nova Collective gave the world premiere of the Missa Maria Assumptae by J.A. Faber, a Baroque mass containing the first ever solo for clarinet. The recording met with rave reviews in the international press, with Diapason writing about the ensemble, ‘magnificently doing justice to a palette of surprising colours.’

In season 2017–18, the recording and performances with a historical basset clarinet put Mozart’s famous concerto in a new light. In collaboration with the University of Antwerp, seven lesser known composers were presented in a series of 14 concerts, called Trouvailles.

Touring brings the ensemble in season 2018–19 at various places in New York City and at the Takamatsu Festival Musica Antiqua in Japan.

The Musical Director

Vlad Weverbergh’s focus is the rediscovery and performance of unjustly neglected composers and their music. For this reason, he founded the Terra Nova Collective in 2012 as artistic and musical director. He handpicked the musicians to create a flexible group in formation, with an adventurous drive to tackle its unique repertoire. Vlad’s musical insights stem from a fruitful and comprehensive career as a clarinettist.

Vlad graduated from the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp in 2000 after studying the clarinet with Walter Boeykens. Upon completing his studies he stayed on at the Conservatoire as guest lecturer of chamber music until 2002. Performances with conductors and symphony orchestras have taken him to stages all over Belgium, as well as Austria, Hungary, Romania and Germany.

Vlad Weverbergh has an extended discography which contains most of the great works for clarinet and a series of world premiere recordings. He is bass clarinet professor at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and has extended experience as a recording producer.

The Musicologist

David Vergauwen

The research and dramaturgy of David Vergauwen form an integral part of Terra Nova Collective’s profile. Musicological research is embedded in a bigger perspective on history and the arts, reflecting David’s personal interests and studies. David is also an active member of Amarant, specialised in modern painting, opera and the history of music, with a preference for Belgian music.

David Vergauwen studied History, Art History and Musicology at the University of Ghent and Brussels and graduated with a PhD in History. He has written monographs on aspects of freemasonry, and of priesthood in the Middel Ages. He is a regular contributor to publications in his fields of study.

David Vergauwen teaches Art History in Bruges and is Research Fellow at the University of Antwerp and the Conservatoire. Amongst other endeavours, he currently contributes to a 2020 museum exhibition and concert series on The Late Romantic Era in Bruges, centered around the composer Joseph Ryelandt.

Download the CV: in English (pdf, 557 KB) // In Dutch (pdf, 559 KB)